Federica De Boni

Federica "Sister" De Boni
Federica “Sister” De Boni

Full Name ::: Federica De Boni

Nickname ::: Sister

Date of birth ::: February 18

Lives In ::: Vicenza

Favourite Band ::: Twisted Sister-WASP-Alice Cooper-Queensryche-Aerosmith-AC/DC…and many more

Influences in music ::: Dee Sneider-Blackie Lawless-Ann Wilson

First record bought ::: I “borrowed” from my brother for a long time…then I bought Empire

You can bring with you only one album. which one do you choose? ::: The Electric Circus-WASP

In your stereo ::: 95.5 Rock of Savannah – House of Hair by Dee Sneider

Background (Earlier bands, etc) ::: Radial Light

If you were an animal, which one would you like to be? ::: Wolf … Spirit!

Describe yourself with three words :::

Favourite books ::: Ouch! Not a big reader and don’t remember one in particular…

Favourite movie ::: Lady Hawk-The Others

Your hobbies ::: Music..Work-out/weights..Tattoos

Philosophy of life ::: You will survive if you gather around the right pack

Favourite food ::: Anything with Garlic!!!

Favourite Drink ::: Water …. really..

Desired future ::: Play some ass kicking songs and pass this passion to my kids