Alex Mantiero

Alex Mantiero
Alex Mantiero

Full Name ::: Alex Mantiero

Nickname ::: My name is just enough Mad

Date of birth ::: Febraury 11

Lives In ::: Isola Vicentina (Vi)

Favourite Band ::: Iron Maiden – Black Sabbath

Influences in music ::: Nicko Mc Brain – Cozy Powell

First record bought ::: The Number of the Beast

You can bring with you only one album. which one do you choose? ::: TYR – Black Sabbath

In your stereo ::: Avantasia (Metal Opera) – White Skull

Background (Earlier bands, etc) ::: Some Metal Bands from Vicenza

If you were an animal, which one would you like to be? ::: Rabbit, because it has a lot of Sex

Describe yourself with three words ::: Moody – Sleepy – Artistic

Favourite books ::: All about First World War