Tony Fonto

Tony "Mad" Fonto
Tony “Mad” Fonto

Full Name ::: Tony Fonto’

Nickname ::: Captain, Mad

Date of birth ::: July 10

Lives In ::: Cavazzale (suburb of Vicenza)

Favourite Band ::: Iron Maiden

Influences in music ::: Adrian Smith, Scott Ian.

First record bought ::: Iron Maiden (the first album from Iron Maiden)

You can bring with you only one album. which one do you choose? ::: Live After Death – Iron Maiden

In your stereo ::: Tube, Condenser, Knobsā€¦.eh eh eh there are a lot of Heavy Metal Bands

Background (Earlier bands, etc) ::: I started with White Skull, first band, I was the first! Nothing important before

If you were an animal, which one would you like to be? ::: An Eagle to fly high

Describe yourself with three words ::: Mad, Crazy, Asshole

Favourite books ::: All from Stephen King and all from Ken Follet